Monika Chaturvedi

Craft Indulgence was started to bring out the hidden treasures of centuries old traditions of hand crafting done by artisans in the remote villages of India on a global platform and to help them in giving an sustainable livelihood.

Who we are

At Craft Indulgence we creatively combine traditional and new age techniques, international trends and forecasts and a contemporary design sensibility to create a range of products like:

Bedspreads Cushioncovers Table covers Napkins
Handbags Scarves & Stoles Skirts Tops

and many more gift items. It's our passion to promote the authentic hand artistry in all the products we sell and you get the best quality.

Our Source-Western India

Our Artisans come from the remote villages in Rajasthan India and are members of co-operative societies working towards women empowerment to help them with socio-economic growth.

These artisans are well trained in the age old techniques of Applique work, Running stitch, Hand Block printing, and Embroidery

Our Team

Every Artisan has a story to tell like

Sheila Yadav

Sheila Yadav
Sheila is a resident of small village in Rajasthan. Sheila a handicraft artisan & Shares her experiences. She notes how opportunities for financial independence through the organization have empowered her as a woman, wife and mother.

Kanta Devi

Kanta Devi
She is a widow aged 43 yrs. residing in a small village with her two children. She has never been to school. She got married at the age of twelve. Kanta's husband was a security guard in a private agency. His small income was appropriate to live happily. But husband's untimely death led to disaster, as even in-laws left Kanta without support.